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The PE market is mainly stable, and the PP market is weak.

I. overall overview:

[external market observation] as of 15:00 on June 21, China's plastic price index fell 1.74 to 1016.9 points, and China's plastic spot index fell 1.73 to 1207.08 points

crude oil prices rose slightly, but the domestic market atmosphere was depressed. The futures fell below the early low point, putting pressure on the market mentality. The PE market quotation basically remained stable, but the market wait-and-see atmosphere was obvious, and it was difficult to make a deal

peripheral crude oil rose slightly, but domestic linear futures continued to decline sharply. The PP market continues to be weak, the seller's shipping mentality is pessimistic, the buyer's takeover mentality is cautious, and there are few firm offers

ps market offers are stable and small, demand is light, and firm offers are limited

abs market offer partially fell USD/ton. Yesterday, the volume of transactions in gb/t8813 (8) "rigid foamed plastics tightening test method" was relatively small, and the middlemen ran mainly. The supply of goods is normal, and the downstream demand is weak

II. Overview of the market:

the latest offer price of Formosa Plastics EVA in June: according to the market understanding, the offer price of 7350m in June was 2720 dollars/ton, the actual transaction was slightly lower than 2700 dollars/ton, the 7470 low-end transaction was 2760 dollars/ton, the 7a60h price was 2860 dollars/ton, and the 7a50h price was 2830 dollars/ton, which laid a solid foundation for the future development of the company. The amount of resources is available, but at the same time, there are many problems in obtaining, CFR main port of China

Malaysia Datang low pressure membrane hf0961 offers at 1350 US dollars/ton, at sight, CFR Qingdao, arriving in June

India hairtya low pressure wire drawing T10 offers at 1330 US dollars/ton, at sight, CFR main port, shipment in June

India Xincheng wire drawing h030sg offers at 1500 US dollars/ton, l/c90 days, CFR Qingdao, shipment at the end of June

Saudi SABIC linear 218w offers at $1300/ton, spot, Shanghai bonded warehouse

III. Trend Outlook:

the market is abundant in supply, coupled with the sharp decline in crude oil and monomer prices, and the increasing sales pressure. It is difficult for petrochemicals to be strong. It is the first time for petrochemicals to put forward the hard posture of passing the declaration of compliance. Businesses are also relatively bearish about the future market, and the downward pressure on the market has increased unabated, but there is no obvious sign of price reduction in the market, and the weak trend in the short term will not change. It is expected that the PE market will maintain a volatile pattern and weak consolidation tomorrow

pp market fluctuated in a narrow range, and the transaction was poor. The seller's state of mind is weak, and the offer is still enthusiastic, but the situation that the buyer's counter-offer is quite low makes the market transaction difficult to be optimistic. The market rising momentum will still be suppressed by numerous bad news in the short term, and even if there is good news, it will have little effect on the PP dollar market with flat fundamentals. The market is expected to continue its sideways weak consolidation tomorrow

abs/ps market quotation fell steadily, the trend of crude oil and futures was poor, the market support was insufficient, the quotation fell, the downstream demand and transaction were depressed, and it was too difficult for the market to improve. It is expected that the short-term market will continue to decline if it is supported by favorable conditions

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