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PE market offers cautiously, PP market wait-and-see is obvious

I. overall overview:

[external market observation] as of 15:00 on June 7, China's plastic price index rose 1.34 to 1026.1 points, and China's plastic spot index fell 2.18 points to 1213.68 points

after the holiday, the wait-and-see atmosphere in the PE market is obvious, the market quotation is scarce, the merchants offer cautiously, a few offers are similar to the pre holiday level, the inquiry is poor, and the transaction has not been heard

after the Dragon Boat Festival, the PP market atmosphere was mainly wait-and-see. The bearish mentality of merchants remains unchanged, the quotation fluctuates in a narrow range, the buyer is cautious in accepting the offer, and the market transactions are rare

ps market offer fell slightly, ranging from US dollars/ton, and there was insufficient buying

abs market quotation fell US $per ton, the atmosphere on the floor was weak, and the transaction was flat. The supply of goods is normal, and the demand for tourism is weak to meet its own demand and even the demand of the world

II. Overview of the market:

Formosa Plastics EVA offer price: according to market understanding, the resource offer in June was the same as that in the previous period, with the price of 7350m at $2830/ton, the price of 7470m at $2950/ton, and the unit production of 7350m. The transaction price of 7a60h hot-melt source is USD/ton, and the number of resources is limited

Malaysia Datang Petrochemical postponed the maintenance time of its No. 1 naphtha cracking unit from June 1 to June 26. The unit is located in pasirgudang, with a design capacity of 260000 tons/year of ethylene and 160000 tons/year of propylene. At present, it operates at a low operating rate. At the same time, after the overhaul of Malaysian Datang 2 cracking unit from October 1 to November 7 last year, there is no overhaul plan, and the design capacity is 407000 tons/ethylene and 260000 tons/year propylene. Malaysia Datang Petrochemical will shut down its pe/pp unit in pasirgudang for a 20 day planned overhaul on June 27. Specific devices include 20000 t/a full density production device and 180000 T/a PP copolymerization production device

India Xincheng wire drawing h030sg offers at US $1540/ton, at sight, CFR Qingdao, shipment in June

Singapore TPC's offer in June: according to market information, TPC's offer price in June was stable, ka-31/ka-10 was $3300/ton, solar cell membrane MA-10 was $3450/ton, CFR China's main port, shipment date in June

Formosa Plastics hollow 5502bp is quoted at US $1340/ton, spot, Shanghai bonded warehouse

III. Trend Outlook:

in the PE market, the enthusiasm of merchants to offer is not high, the quotation is basically the same as that before the festival, the inquiry is very cold, the buyer is not interested, and the transaction is very small. Crude oil fell, monomers continued to fall, and cost support continued to weaken. However, futures rose against the trend recently, and some businesses regained confidence, believing that the bottom has been achieved and the rise is expected. The market price is expected to be stable tomorrow

pp the market price fluctuates in a narrow range. Most businesses maintain the quotation before the Dragon Boat Festival, and some businesses offer a small amount of goods at a low price, resulting in a slight confusion in the market price. As the demand has not improved, the market is still mainly on the sidelines, and the delivery situation is not ideal. It is expected that the PP dollar market will be weak and consolidated tomorrow

abs/ps city test project: change the performance test field, the quotation continues to fall, although the futures rebound, but the impact on the market is not great. The market atmosphere is depressed, the quotation goes down, and the depressed demand still restricts the market. It is expected that the short-term market will continue to be weak, and DSM will provide high-performance polyamide materials for smart appliances

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