The hottest PVC market in Shandong is warm in spri

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The spring in Shandong PVC market is warm.

for example, one of the plastic bags used in supermarkets, the decline in PVC market prices across the East has been significantly curbed in recent days, and Russian PVC sold at ultra-low prices at the cost of yuan/t has been significantly reduced; Due to the stability of PVC prices in South China and the fact that most border trading companies no longer lose money, they sell a lot of goods; As well as the impact of Qilu Petrochemical's new PVC sales measures, ouyangming said in April that the market price of PVC in Shandong generally rebounded on the 16th. The quotation of PVC in Russia has recovered to yuan/t. Qilu Petrochemical has decided to increase and stabilize the PVC market price in Shandong, and the ex factory price has been temporarily set at 6000 yuan/t this week

according to Qilu Petrochemical and many PVC agents, Qilu Petrochemical will purchase about 3000 tons of PVC this week, while the total inventory of Qilu Petrochemical this week is only 5000 tons. In addition, the proportion of direct sales of Qilu Petrochemical has increased significantly in recent days, from% two weeks ago to%, reflecting that the demand for PVC resin in products across Shandong has rebounded. The most critical problem is that the vast majority of traders believe that there is no room for PVC market prices to fall, and their confidence in the PVC market during the "May Day" period from the end of April to the beginning of May began to rebound. Therefore, under the stimulation of several favorable factors, it is no problem for Shandong PVC market to stabilize at more than 6000 yuan/t. But it is absolutely impossible for Huaibei City to set up the Anhui ceramic aluminum New Material Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University, which can use acetylene flame to clean the screw

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