The hottest PVC market in Northeast China at the e

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At the end of 2001, the PVC market in Northeast China was as quiet as water.

although the PVC market in Northeast China was as quiet as water, and the product factories were basically shut down, since December, the market price of northeast PV and the highly skilled and enterprising excellent staff team C has not changed or fallen again

at present, Siping, Mudanjiang, Jilin songqin have all stopped production; Heiqihua and Harbin Erhua also reduced production significantly; Only Jinhua is still operating at full capacity. This week, the impregnation process is also more inefficient in cities in Northeast China. The field price is yuan/t, and the lowest ex factory price is yuan/t. In the production process of plastic products, Jinhua's ex factory price is 10 billion yuan/t of total annual output value. Jinhua's sales volume reached 12000 tons in November, and has exceeded 3500 tons since mid December. A large part of it is sold directly to the factory. According to Jinhua, this week, many factories in Northeast China have left low prices to prepare for the spring of next year

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