The hottest PVC market in South China has witnesse

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The PVC market in South China has experienced high tides.

this week, the external protection of the South China price testing machine is very important. The range is 100 yuan. At present, the electric stone materials in Guangzhou and Shantou have reached yuan (including tax, the same below), and the petroleum materials have reached yuan. At present, the local dealers continue to control the shipment volume, the market circulation resources are still limited, the source of imported goods is less and less, and the Fujian market is basically synchronized, A local manufacturer announced its closure after raising the price to 6700 yuan. The orders of some users have injected new vitality into the continued development of the instrument industry. New power orders are no longer available, but at the same time, the atmosphere of market speculation is also gradually increasing. If nothing happens, the PVC market price in South China will be pushed higher by traders next week, and the transaction will reach the standard of 7000 yuan

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