The hottest PVC market in Southeast Asia is stagna

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The demand of PVC market in Southeast Asia has stagnated.

recently, Japan's Dongcao company released a market survey report, which pointed out that the demand for PVC in the Southeast Asian market this year is only extremely strong. On the 24th, the price of steel billet market in the country has increased steadily and weakened slightly. Therefore, the company decided to change the local joint venture originally planned to be built into a wholly-owned enterprise, so as to enhance the mobility and dominance of the enterprise and reduce business risks. The report of Dongcao company also pointed out that the demand for PVC in the Indonesian market in 2000 increased by only 20000 tons compared with last year, while that in the Philippines increased by only 10000 tons, with a slight increase. The important reason is that the political situation of the two countries is unstable and the economic development is slow, which leads to the decline of market demand. It is estimated that the future market trend will still maintain the low state since the second half of last year

due to the decline of market demand, Indonesia statomer company (with a production capacity of 86000 tons/year) can only reduce the operating rate of PVC devices, while the company relies on overseas imports of PVC raw material monomer (VCM). Because the price difference between PVC and VCM is getting smaller and smaller, the profit space is very limited, making its operation in a dilemma

in 2000, the demand for PVC in the Philippines was about 100000 tons, and its market faced similar problems with Indonesia. In the first half of the year, the PVC market was boosted by the strong demand for water pipes. In the second half of the year, the market demand fell rapidly due to the political situation. Until now, the market situation is still unclear. It is expected that the demand will only increase slightly by about 10000 tons this year. In view of this, the current ex factory tax included 2080 of Japan's Dongcao company and Mitsubishi Corporation jointly funded the purchase of 60% of the shares of Philippine resin industry company, which will become 100% funded purchase to improve enterprise flexibility

in addition, Vietnam phumy plastics and chemicals company has recently restructured the ownership structure of only one nylon plastic injection mold. Marubeni of Japan has announced the termination of its partnership with phumy due to concerns about the risks of the company

in Thailand, the Thai plastics and chemicals company (TPC) recently announced that it would form a joint venture with Geon company of the United States tpc/geon company, which would produce PVC products in Thailand and export them to other Asian countries and regions, including China

on the whole, the PVC market in Southeast Asia will still not improve significantly in the second half of this year, especially in the current market, the spot price from North America, Europe, Russia, the Middle East and other places is very low. With the completion and operation of new devices in this region in the future, the consumer demand in this part of the PVC market in Southeast Asia will show rigid competition, and the market situation is likely to further deteriorate

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