The hottest PVC market in Jiangsu fell before the

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Jiangsu PVC market fell before the holiday adjustment

although Jiang often has no construction conditions, the large and medium-sized PVC production enterprises in Jiangsu region emphasize that they will not significantly reduce the ex factory price for the time being, and the factory inventory is still low, hoping to play a greater supporting role in the stability of halogen 1471 in the PVC market. However, the actual situation has been unable to save the market price, but from the overall level of production capacity, the price of PVC of better domestic brands has fallen to yuan/t in the past two days, and the price of ordinary PVC varieties has fallen to 5500 yuan/t

downstream product factories did not completely stop buying because of the large price drop. The market transaction price is still relatively normal, and most dealers and factories believe that the decline is the normal transition adjustment, but as it is close to the Mid Autumn Festival and national day, there will be no large purchase for the time being

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