The hottest PVC market in South China is quiet on

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The PVC market in South China is quiet on New Year's Day

during New Year's day, many enterprises have a rest time of 1 to adjust their positions from January 1 to 6, so during these periods, the vast majority of downstream product enterprises have stopped purchasing. Due to the long holiday time and the fact that downstream product factories are indifferent to the PVC market after new year's day, there are more rumors that Fei language is flooding the entire South China market, resulting in greater pressure on importers and dealers on the first day of the market opening on January 4

today's market quotation is still based on the price before New Year's day. From Fujian to Shantou and the Pearl River Delta, the quotation of domestic PVC is yuan/t, the quotation of imported famous brand PVC is 4600 yuan/t, and the quotation of ocean PVC is yuan/t

as long as the force exerted by the importer during the test will be shaken greatly and the dealer will maintain a relatively stable state of mind, it is not urgent for users to select products and equipment that are more suitable for them to offer to downstream factories, and adhere to the price before New Year's day. The author believes that the new imported ocean PVC will have a limited impact on the PVC market price next week, and can log in 100 items

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