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Miner's lamp intelligent charging rack uses safety technology

a. open the packing box and check whether the charging rack is complete with the base and its accessories

b. Determine the installation position of the miner's lamp intelligent charging rack, draw lines according to the size, drill anchor bolt holes, install anchor bolts, and fix the base at the corresponding position

c. Stack the side of the miner's lamp intelligent charging rack with wiring marks in the same direction layer by layer, with a maximum of four layers. After stacking, cover the top charging rack with a cover plate. Use the equipped special key to open the overall occupied side door of all industries, and check whether the wiring terminal is loose or falling off

d. connect with the corresponding charging rack according to the connection mark of the wiring terminal (connect to the second floor, connect to the third floor, connect to the fourth floor, and connect to the fifth floor)

e. fasten the base and each layer with the fasteners attached to the charging rack box

f, check the installation:

after the wiring is correct, pull the power cable in the base out of the shell through the wire hole, and connect the cable marked with ~ 220V and protective grounding with the corresponding end of the power supply (when leaving the factory, this machine is equipped with 4 1.5mm2 power cable 1.5m)

g, turn on the power supply:

turn on the base and install one end of AC regulated power supply. 2. Selection of experimental force: 50kN, 100kN, 200kn, 300KN, 600kN; Press the green switch to turn on the power supply. The intelligent charging of the miner's lamp should be interrupted in time. Contact the technicians in time. The power indicator (red light) of the rack is on, and the regulated power supply displays the output voltage value at the same time

h, miner's lamp charging:

the electrical state is displayed by the corresponding indicator light: red light (power indication); Green light (charge state indication). Insert the lamp cap into the charging base, rotate it clockwise by 180, so that the contact on the lamp cap tightly presses the elastic contact, and the charging indicator light (green light) is on (enter the charging state); The green light goes out (the miner's lamp is fully charged) and can be used

the miner's lamp intelligent charging rack fundamentally ensures the safety of miners when using miner's lamps in target markets and applications, including aviation, automobile, e-commerce, electronics, glass, household appliances, medicine/Dentistry and pharmaceutical and industrial components, and plays a more powerful role in protecting the safety of miners

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