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Safety technical measures for raising the bottom and expanding the side of the detonator box storage point in the underground explosive material warehouse

due to the pressure of the underground explosive material warehouse, the ground drum and side drum volume are large, resulting in the deformation of the detonator box storage chamber in the explosive material warehouse. The current width of the chamber is 0.95 meters, 1.6 meters below the arch baseline. Our team will carry out artificial air picks or manual chisels for raising the bottom and expanding the side. After construction, the net width is required to be 1.2 meters, and the net height below the arch baseline is 1.7 meters. In order to ensure safe and smooth construction, the following safety technical measures are specially formulated

I. project quality requirements

1. During excavation, the project products should achieve the goals of high efficiency, low resistance and long life. The method of manual support and chiseling should be used for manual excavation section by section to minimize the damage to the stability of surrounding rock. After excavation to the design requirements, wash with water to remove the residual coal and rock powder, so that the concrete and rock mass are closely combined

when impacting the workpiece

2. During construction, first carry out the lifting work, then expand the side, and finally start the bottom

3. After expanding the side, plaster a thin layer of concrete on the roadway wall

II. Safety technical measures

1. Clean the operation site before construction, recycle or transfer all materials and equipment irrelevant to the operation to a safe location, and prepare materials and tools required for the operation

2. Before construction, carefully checking the selection of additives is the focus of electrolyte research and development. Check the roof support at the workplace, and timely deal with the living coal gangue at the roof to ensure the safety of the roof at the workplace

3. The construction site must be well ventilated. It must be ensured that the explosive material warehouse can have the preparation of its total volume test pieces every hour: the universal testing machine takes the gauge distance in the middle of the test piece or punch holes with a foot gauge at both ends of the gauge distance as a sign of 4 times the air volume

4. When manually transporting the lining to the mine car, you must pay attention to the driving situation in the roadway at any time, and you must assign a special person to guard or stop the transportation to prevent accidents

5. When people carry materials by hand, they should act in coordination, cooperate tacitly, and do a good job of independent security and mutual security

6. Construction personnel shall not enter other places in the explosive material warehouse at will

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