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Safety technology of rotating machinery maintenance

1. Safety technology of rotating machinery maintenance

rotating machinery is divided into manual machinery, electric machinery, pneumatic machinery, hydraulic machinery, steam machinery, etc. according to its power source. Generally, rotating machinery is equipped with various driving devices, which are prone to wringing, electric shock, material cost strike and other injuries during maintenance. Because it is imperative to explore the new development path of plastic granulator technology, corresponding safety measures must be taken during maintenance:

a the angle between the shear plane and the horizontal plane is in degrees (°)

① improve the safety and reliability of parts

② set the manipulator interlocking device and take reliable safety protection measures

In addition

③ before the maintenance of rotating machinery, strictly handle the handover procedures, carefully handle the safety maintenance tickets, and check them one by one

④ do not start maintenance until the rotating parts have stopped stably. ⑤ The maintenance of rotating machinery must be carried out after the shutdown and replacement are qualified and the power failure procedures are handled. The switches and buttons should be hung with warning signs such as "no switching on, maintenance in progress"

⑥ parts must be cleaned and degreased according to regulations, and flammable and explosive organic substances are not allowed to be used to complete cleaning and degreasing

⑦ for the maintenance of large rotating machinery, safety fences and obvious signs must be set around

these implants are easy to cause inflammation

⑧ the exposed parts of rotating machinery, such as belt pulley and coupling, must be equipped with protective shields

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